Submarine Still
Hackenbacker Audio Post Production has been an integral part of London’s Film and TV Post scene for over 25 years. Our experience, knowledge, expertise and of course our warm welcome are the reasons why our clients love coming back to us series after series.

Our team can take the sound on your project all the way from the end of production though post-production to release or transmission. By doing everything in-house we make the very best possible use of the time available as we have our workflows down to a fine art. It also means that we can look ahead to spot any problems that may occur, which we’ve discovered is a huge help to our clients when they are nearing the end of a project.

Our team conform, tracklay, spot, design Sound Effects, record and edit ADR, record and edit Foley, pre-mix, final mix, and deliver! Uniquely we have an ex-Dolby film sound consultant who can help with all aspects of presentation from press screenings, to premieres and release. And of course, we mix the biggest, loudest and best trailers in London!

We have three dubbing studios and five edit suites, an ADR room and a large foley stage.