Studio 2

Our Studio 2 is an AMS Neve equipped room which has recently been refurbished. This studio also has a large sound booth attached to it, which is perfect for recording voice-overs and sessions with multiple actors for animation. Sharing work with Studio One and producing high quality programming exclusively, Studio Two has a great pedigree in television sound having mixed Hustle, Life on Mars, Lip Service and much more.

Hackenbacker’s Studio 2 is the perfect room to mix the sound of any TV project. It’s well-spec’d and uses the latest HD projection and AMS Neve Mixing Desk to bring any show sonically to life.

The connected Sound Booth is perfect for recording voice-overs and other vocal performances.

Key features

  • AMS Neve Libra Post Console with 24 Faders
  • Pro-Tools HD3 System with 96 Outputs
  • Radar 24 Track, 24 bit, 192 KHz
  • Dynaudio M3 Monitoring – 5.1 or Dolby Stereo Surround
  • HD Projection
  • Lexicon Reverb Units
  • TC Reverb Units
  • Wide selection of Microphones for voice recording
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