Studio 1

This is our flagship room and is a great room to work in. Nigel Heath has been mixing in here for over 10 years on a large format Neve console and has had the pleasure of crafting the sound on everything from Spooks, Hot Fuzz, Downton Abbey, In Bruges, Shaun of the Dead, Four Lions and many, many more projects amounting to hundreds of hours of material.

Designed by White Mark, this studio has been carefully crafted into one of the best sounding rooms in London.

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Studio 2

Our Studio 2 is an AMS Neve equipped room which has recently been refurbished. This studio also has a large sound booth attached to it, which is perfect for recording voice-overs and sessions with multiple actors for animation. Sharing work with Studio One and producing high quality programming exclusively, Studio Two has a great pedigree in television sound having mixed Hustle, Life on Mars, Lip Service and much more.

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Studio 3

Hackenbacker’s Studio 3 is its Newest Studio. Designed by White Mark, the great acoustics in this room allow us to record some of the best ADR alongside mixing for Television. We have a large selection of microphones and the Icon desk is perfect for working quickly and efficiently.

This room is one of, if not the best room in Soho to record ADR. Most of its time is spent doing just that. Our highly experienced team are masters at recording and editing dialogue and this room is perfect for the job. The room is ISDN capable, using Dolby Fax and Musicam. We also offer Source-Connect sessions.

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