Hackenbacker Makes ADR Easy With New VoiceQ Software


Award-winning audio post-production facility Hackenbacker have become early adopters in the UK to invest in VoiceQ, a cueing software solution for recording ADR and dubbing film and TV projects for international markets.

ADR, which stands for automated dialogue replacement, is an important part of Hackenbacker’s workload and one that requires time, skill and patience to achieve the best possible results. Although billed as automated, there is still a lot of manual work needed to set up an ADR session, which requires the replacement of original dialogue with new studio performances by actors.

Nigel Heath, founder of Hackenbacker, says: “Dialogue recording and replacement is a vital and integral part of making films and television programmes. It is common practice to re-record and synchronize a large proportion of dialogue during the completion of projects. Successful ADR requires a great deal of skill because you need to get the best performance from the actors, while also concentrating on capturing a high quality recording.

“As ADR specialists, we were keen to make the process easy and straightforward for the actors we work with, and as fast and efficient as possible for our production company clients. The new VoiceQ software achieves both these aims and we are delighted to now offer this as standard to our ADR clients.”
VoiceQ was created by KIWA International, a New Zealand-based company that is part of the KIWA Media Group, which develops technical solutions for the film and television industry and distributes these solutions to a global market.

VoiceQ works by superimposing over the movie a scrolling script that’s in sync with the original dialogue. This gives actors and technicians a very accurate cue making the re-recording experience efficient, economical and effortless. VoiceQ also features traditional cueing methods like wipes and beeps. Used during post-production with Pro Tools or other DAW’s VoiceQ streamlines looping sessions and saves time and money in the studio. It also provides a great tool for ADR or Dubbing supervisors who handle a lot of translation and dubbing projects.

Hackenbacker’s Chris Stumer adds: “VoiceQ is incredibly easy to use and is much faster than traditional ADR methods. Actors love the built-in cue system, which is visual as well as audible, and because VoiceQ offers a very accurate cue for every word it really does enhance performance levels. The actors are freed from looking down at scripts if they so choose and they can often record a scene in one take rather than line by line. Since installing VoiceQ, we have used it to great effect on a number of projects and have succeeded in saving our clients a lot of studio time.”

Hackenbacker has won numerous awards for the quality of its audio post-production and is renowned for helping productions come alive sonically. Over the past 25 years the company has tackled numerous film and television projects notably Downton Abbey, Spooks, Any Human Heart, Hustle, Criminal Justice, Four Lions, In Bruges and Submarine.