Hackenbacker in the “Hot 100’ list for 2012

It’s been quite a hectic few weeks for our founder, MD and lead mixer Nigel Heath. Currently helming the mixing of two of the biggest shows to come out of the UK (more on those when we’re allowed to mention them) he found himself being honoured to be listed in the prestigious Broadcast Magazine ‘Hot 100’ list for 2012. The hundred in question are drawn from all areas of the television industry, from commissioning right the way through to talent and post production. Nigel was included primarily for his work on some of the country’s most ambitious television drama productions. “I’m so fortunate to appear alongside such talented people in the list - it’s quite humbling, I’m really very lucky” commented Heath shortly after the names were revealed.
You can read more about the ‘Hot 100’ in the digital version available here http://goo.gl/0ckMa